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Garry Point



These photographs were taken at Garry Point but part of me wanted to title this post: Negative Space Sunday.


In art, negative space refers to the space that surrounds a subject in an image. It emphasizes the intended subject, taking away distraction from the viewer. It can become the subject itself as it adds a dramatic effect to an otherwise simple focus point. Negative space is one element of composition.


I love negative space and not just in photography. I love real life negative space: the deep blue sea, an endless sky, limitless open space. I breathe deeper as if negative space is actually a giant invisible vacuum that takes away all my thoughts.  All that’s left is the soothing calm of nothingness.


That day in Garry Point was a “Negative Space Sunday”.










  • April

    Beautiful & thanks for the new term, it’s a good space to be drawn into 🙂ReplyCancel


      Thank you April.ReplyCancel

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